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RGSoC 2017, Here comes Team Bundledore !!

I along with my partner, Anagha Radhakrishnan have been selected for a summer full of coding- Rails Girls Summer of Code 2017 !! The application process was delightful. It included contacting my prospective mentors, collaborating with my coaches and team-mate, to select a project suitable to our interests and expertise. It was all totally worth it 🙂 A huge thanks to our coaches, Aishwarya Subramanian, … Continue reading RGSoC 2017, Here comes Team Bundledore !!

Frequently used Linux Commands

      I had been assigned to make a presentation on Linux  commands and present it to my friends, mentors and other members of my college’s  FOSS club. It was a great experience as learning something new always is. In the process of preparing for this presentation, I learnt a lot of Linux commands. It increased my interest in the Linux OS manifold. I also … Continue reading Frequently used Linux Commands